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↳ voldemort

"You are quite wrong. Indeed, your failure to understand that there are things much worse than death has always been your greatest weakness."



i don’t understand why people don’t instantly respond to “what would your dream superpower be” with the ability to manipulate probability.
think about it. what’s the chance someone will drop 1mil in front of me? 0%? let’s make that 100%. what’s the probability i’ll wake up tomorrow and be X gender? 100%. what’s the probability my bathtub is filled with mac and cheese? 100%.

This is genius

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i sure do laugh a lot for someone who’s dead on the inside.


Just a normal photo. (x)

You know when you think ‘I can’t do something because this or this or this.’ You can actually do anything you want, like I could ballistic right now and tear this whole room apart, I could but i’m not going to because logic is stopping me but you can do whatever you want. You really can veer off any path at any time. Never give up!

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Best of Mark Ruffalo at San Diego Comic Con 2014

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Penryn and the End of Days

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"In the past, it was often the Dark Lord’s pleasure to invade the minds of his victims, creating visions designed to torture them into madness."

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voldemort basilisk potter you were named after the two things i hated the most in my life i killed em i’m hella rad screw everyone

Comic-Con ‘14 Star Portraits: Day 3 + Marvel Cast [x]

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